Charting the Soul - Astrology, Characterology and the Human Energy Field

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Charting the Soul is a synthesis of knowledge and understanding from the three fields of astrology, psychology and energy healing. The author is a professional astrologer, energy healer and process facilitator and she poses the idea that the three disciplines are three overlapping ways of engaging with a person’s Human Energy Field.

In the first place, Charting the Soul is based on Wilhelm Reich’s psychological model of ‘characterology’. Reich spoke of five distinct character types emerging from five stages of child development; the Schizoid, the Oral, the Masochist, the Psychopath and the Rigid. From this foundation, Charting the Soul goes on to make the link between characterology and astrology.

The author describes the way in which specific planets are linked to each of the five character types. She shows how the pattern of the planets in the horoscope will indicate the balance of a person’s characterology, illuminating both their childhood history and the character types they most identify with.