a little bit of election astrology, particular for those following the UK election ......


I am not much of a predictive astrologer, I prefer to use astrology to understand the issues that are being presented and to see the patterns formed by the planets in the sky as a kind of weather map showing the way the wind is blowing. However, I care very much about the coming election in the UK - feels like more at stake than at any other election in my lifetime and so I have been pouring over the horoscope for June 8th trying to see what might be trying to occur. And the thing that stands out is the energy of Jupiter.

I feel apologetic as I normally like to write so as to be easily understood by non-astrologers whereas this article is a little more astrologically technical. Here goes...when we look up to the heavens from our perspective here on earth, the planets - the 'wondering stars' sometimes appear to change direction and travel backwards - retrograde - for a few months at a time. When they are about to change direction, they slow down and seem, for a day or two, to be standing still in the skies before slowly setting off in the new direction. They station once when they turn retrograde and once again when they turn direct. The energy of a planet is at its' most powerful, a tangible presence hanging in the air on the days when it is stationary, particularly on the day when the planet is stationary ready to turn direct.

Synchronicity is a term coined by Jung, used to describe events that are "meaningful coincidences" occurring with no causal relationship yet seeming to be meaningfully linked. Earlier this year Theresa May and her team decided that a general election for the UK would be held on June 8th, 2017. As it happens, they chose the one day of 2017 when mighty Jupiter is stationary direct in the skies above us at 13 degrees of Libra.

In traditional astrology Jupiter was known as the Greater Benefic, the bringer of good fortune. Jupiter represents the principle of expansion, optimism, a vision of previously unseen possibilities and a new hope. Theresa May was born with the Sun in Libra so at first glance one might think that this powerful energy of Jupiter in Libra would bring her good fortune. But May's Sun is at 8 degrees of Libra and so when Jupiter starts travelling direct again, on June 10th, it will be moving away from May's Sun not towards it. So I am going to stick my neck out, (and I have a modest bet placed on this possibility), and say that it is Jeremy Corbyn who will be feeling the benefit of Jupiter's golden light on June 8th.

Jeremy Corbyn has the Sun and 3 other planets in Gemini. Corbyn has Venus at 14 degrees of Gemini and Mercury at 16 degrees and it is these two planets, particularly Venus, the Lesser Benefic and the Goddess of Love and Happiness that will be harmoniously aspected by stationary Jupiter. In his natal chart Corbyn has Neptune at 12 degrees of Libra in a close trine to his Venus in Gemini. And so the station of Jupiter at 13 degrees of Libra falls directly onto Corbyn's happy aspect between Venus the Goddess of Love and Joy and the compassionate, charismatic energy of Neptune.

However, the station of Jupiter is not the only significant event that is happening among the planets on June 8th. At 1.00 pm we have a Full Moon in Sagittarius and at 2.00 pm the powerful Jupiter rises over the Eastern horizon i.e. conjuncting the Libra Ascendant. This might be a peak moment for Corbyn and after that the energy shifts.

As the day wears on the Moon travels through Sagittarius moving into a conjunction with Saturn which becomes exact in the small hours of June 9th. Saturn is the opposite of Jupiter - traditionally know as the Greater Malefic the bringer of misfortune, Saturn represents the principle of limitation. Where Jupiter is visionary and optimistic Saturn is cautious and restrictive. While Jupiter could seem to be closely linked to the optimism expressed in the Labour vision under Corbyn, Saturn can definitely be associated with the Conservative's view that his vision is pie in the sky, an utterly unrealistic Santa Claus wish list etc. etc. Both Saturn and Jupiter are associated with the Law but whereas Saturn wants to balance the books, stick to the rules and work through things slowly and methodically Jupiter is more interested in morals, principles and the ideals of justice. I could easily associate the energy of a Moon Saturn conjunction with the Conservative party's emphasis on austerity, getting the deficit under control and maintaining the status quo, while the energy of Jupiter goes with the much more idealistic Labour party demanding change and social justice.

I have been thinking a lot about this polarity and I have kept on putting off writing this article because I just could not see which way this pendulum would swing - Jupiter or Saturn - and I have been wondering if this is what the energy of a hung parliament would look like? But if you take a look at some of the speeches that Corbyn has made this week then you will see a man coming into his own, illuminated with the light of Jupiter and beginning to access the kind of charisma associated with a great political leader. And if you see Theresa May with her face like a mask meeting difficult questions with a fearful and stony silence you will get the sense of the rigid energy of Saturn. So, I come back to my opening paragraph - synchronistically, this election has fallen on the day of the year when Jupiter is at its' most powerful. If ever Corbyn is to have his moment - this will be it.

On June 8th the stars are hung in a polarity between the Greater Benefic and the Greater Malefic. I am a great believer in free will, destiny is not fixed and the planets can show us the prevailing energies of the day but they do not make choices for us. In the end, whatever occurs will be a clear illustration of the state of Awareness, of the consciousness and the hearts and minds of the British people.

Rebekah Hirsch 7/06/17