.....last minute addition to the article I wrote at 4.00 this morning!!....
In answer to my friend Hilly's question - "WHAT ABOUT THERESA MAY?"

So.....one of the things that have made it difficult for me to get a clear sense of how this election might work out, is that initially, nothing obvious leapt out at me about what was happening in Theresa May's chart. Yes, she has the Sun at 8 degrees of Libra and Jupiter is stationary at 13 degrees of Libra on the day of the election. But from now on Jupiter is heading AWAY from May's Sun. It was last year, on 7th July 2016, four days before she became the Prime Minister of the UK, that Theresa May had her Jupiter return i.e. Jupiter in the skies reached 17 degrees of Virgo - exactly the position it holds in her natal chart. After that moment of triumph, Jupiter carried on through Virgo and Libra so that, following a series of happy aspects to various other planets, Jupiter conjuncted her Sun at 8 degrees of Virgo on October 18th 2016. So that was a great time of expansion and hope and vision for May as the new leader of the UK.

But now, for Theresa May, that time of Jupiterian expansion has passed. And as I search around to see what transits are happening for her this week THIS is what I find....

When you look for significant transits you are looking to see which of the planets in the sky are making a very close aspect, preferably an exact aspect to the planets in a person's natal chart. And, (how could I have not seen this till now?) on June 5th 2017, Chiron in the skies reached 28 degrees of Pisces making an exact opposition to Theresa May's natal Mercury at 28 degrees of Virgo. This very difficult aspect has been active in May's chart for well over a month and reaches peak intensity this week.

Chiron represents the archetype of the Wounded Healer and it is a planet that can bring up profound, toxic wounding. Mercury rules everything to do with communication, including speech. Over the last weeks we have seen a number of rather excruciating moments highlighting May's difficulty with straight communication e.g. when a series of journalists asked Mrs May if she regretted the cuts she had made to the police force in her time as Home Secretary she simply refused to answer yet could not get off the hook as reporter after reporter asked her the same question. Perhaps most telling of all has been her refusal to join the head to head TV debates with the leaders of the other parties - really there could not be a better illustration of the wounding of a Chiron transit to Mercury as May irreparably damaged her own election campaign by her inability to enter into an open, public debate with the other parties.

In astrology Mercury is the 'ruler' of the sign of Virgo. May has the Moon, Jupiter and Mercury in Virgo and so this gives a lot of weight to the opposition from Chiron to her Mercury. I actually find myself feeling rather sorry for Mrs. May as a Virgo Moon is actually extremely sensitive, not at all an ideal Moon placement for a person involved in the rough and tumble of politics. Both the Virgo Moon and the Libra Sun give her extremely high standards, a tendency towards a big inner critic and, very likely, a paralysing shame when publicly exposed to questions she cannot answer or when mocked for her failure to show up at the debates. I think her political ambition is driven by the exact square in her chart between Saturn (in Scorpio) and Pluto (in Leo). This is a slightly less intense version of the combination of Saturn, Pluto, Scorpio and Leo energy found in the chart of Hillary Clinton and an indication of the difficult challenges, battles and compromises of integrity that both women will have had to make in order carve a path through the politics of the patriarchy.

One more thing, in answer to my friend Alan's query - in Jeremy Corbyn's chart, does this station of Jupiter mean that after June 8th the positive energy of expansion will just disperse? Not really, Corbyn will be feeling the benefits of the energy of Jupiter right through until October when it trines his natal Uranus (the planet that rules radical politics and revolutionary ideals).

Well who knows? The winds of change are blowing throughout the western world and this is definitely a moment of truth for the people of Britain. I don't believe in last chances, when some kind of Truth is wanting to break through it is unstoppable, it will keep on coming. But wouldn't it be exciting if that moment was NOW???