The "implicit enfolded order" of Astrology

Last night I stayed up way too late catching a Pacific time seminar led by Stanislav Grof and Richard Tarnas - speaking on 'The Healing potential of Archetypal Astrology'. Well - you can imagine, I was so excited I could barely watch it! Stan Grof has been a hero of mine since the late 1970s when I read his book, 'Realms of the Human Unconscious'. And here he is speaking about the hugely important relevance of astrology to the development of human consciousness.

So, my world keeps getting shaken up - because over all the years that I have been a student and then a teacher of astrology a shadow of doubt has been constantly eating away at me - the suggestion that astrology is not valuable. In fact the opposite belief has been sitting quietly by my side like a resident saboteur - the idea that many people think astrology is a joke and that when I say that I am an astrologer they will smile to themselves and think that I am either a fool or a charlatan. And now I have Stan Grof saying that it is important that we get with astrology, and I have more and more people telling me that my book has been important to them or inspiring, ('Charting the Soul: Astrology, Characterology d the Human Energy Field').

I remember back in the 1985 when I began studying astrology with the late, great, Howard Sasportas. I would come out of Howard's classes feeling so expanded, so profoundly inspired that I felt like my feet could hardly touch the ground. With the passing of the years, a lot of that magic became lost to me, worn down by the folly of magazine astrology and by the de-valuing of astrology by friends, family and colleagues - intelligent people who could not see what I was seeing. But once anyone begins to understand the extent to which astrology really 'works', then it automatically leads to the awareness that Jung and now Grof are speaking of - the realm of the archetypes which underpin all of existence - physicist David Bohm's "implicit enfolded order".

As I am sitting here writing now, my love and delight in astrology is lighting up again. A sleeping dragon is waking up in me. Through all the eleven years of writing my book, something kept me going, something in me would not let me stop. And, maybe, now it is time - time for me to put my heart and soul into bringing through the beautiful, breathtaking wisdom of astrology.

In a minute I will be setting out for Devon (sorry Rachel, late again but had to write this!) where my sister and I will be leading the second of our Charting the Soul workshops - the Rooting Soul, the tender, vulnerable, collapsing, co-dependent, over-sensitive souls with major problems with boundaries and without whom our world would be devoid of compassion, empathy and love. The Moon and Neptune. Looking forward to welcoming in Christmas with the stardust energy of Neptune. The first weekend went so well, a heartfelt privilege to work with the group that came along. Here we go again - may the Force (and Neptune) be with us!